Online monitoring is one of the achievements of self-service vending lounges.

Advantages of online monitoring (telemetry):
1. You will always be able to download the landscape statistics for adjusting your business strategy. Available information on washing machine actions about washing, rinsing, spinning, washing with water, typing errors codes – 4E, dE, 5E, UE, Uc and others. Data on the state of the bills about engine error, sensor error, cramped money, cassette is full – collection is required.
2. Full internal accounting of receipts, collections, downtime and losses.
3. Available information on communication with the server and connection of the payment unit with washing machines.
4. Changing terminal settings remotely.
5. Remote software update terminal.
6. Customized work of Telegram-bot, with the individual code of your item, users will be able to monitor the operation of washing machines.

Connection costs $ 100.
Monthly maintenance costs $ 2 per washing machine.

Application for demo version

Warranty service

Our customers are given 1 year warranty on all equipment of the network of laundry services “Postirayka!”.

Service of our laundromats is reliable.

We diagnose the malfunction by phone, Skype, email and send the client that part of the system that is out of order. In “Postirayka!” the broken part is returned.

To avoid idle time, you can also buy a repair kit.

Software update hardware may be remotely through the server.