The beginning

  1. Introductory stage
    Create a list of questions. Having filled the form, send a request to our e – mail: info@postirayka.com. Subsequently, you will be sent a package of documents, namely:
    – presentation and information for universities (recommendations for negotiations, photos);
    – economic package (price list for washing, a table for calculating the cost of your project, price list for terminals).
  2. Conduct of negotiations
    Negotiate in the field of potential laundromat installations, get positive feedback and consent to the organization of self-service laundry.
  3. Paperwork
    Subsequently, we are engaged in registration of rental documentation. You can start repairing the self-service laundry room.
  4. The contract with “Postirayka”
    We conclude an agreement for the supply of self-service laundry terminals.
  5. Terminal manufacturing
    Willingness to 15 working days (depending on the load of the warehouse) after 70% advance payment.
  6. Equipment delivery
    After the end of production, we deliver the terminal to the client.
    In actual fact, we give the equipment up to 5 working days, and if everything is good, you transfer the remaining 30% to the account “Postirayka”.
  7. Installation of equipment
    Installation is done by skilled workers quickly. Installation of washing machines can take place in parallel with the manufacture of equipment.
    Installation of the payment terminal is also simple, takes from 2 to 4 hours.
  8. Timing
    The “from request to start” process takes 2-6 months.
  9. Happy customers
    Your business is working successfully!

Description of business

The business that we represent to you is one of the segments of the vending market and operates according to the laws and rules of vending. The vending market is a huge economic mechanism that is constantly being improved. Vending is most developed in Japan. In the countries of Western Europe and the USA, its niches are 60-80% full. In Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, according to calculations of different specialists, the vending market is filled by 40-60%. The susceptibility of the market to technical innovations is constantly opening up new segments, so services are increasing.

The market of vending washing machines has already formed a separate segment in most countries of Europe, in the USA and Japan. The volumes of laundromats, comparing with coffee machines, are not so large (in Kiev, for example, this segment is estimated at $ 0.750-1.0 million per year, in Ukraine in total – about 4.0 – 5.0 million dollars . in year.). Thanks to the free market, this vending area is more attractive than the coffee or payment terminal lines.

The main advantages of running a business are ease of installation of equipment, service and preventive maintenance, in the long term there is no need to conclude additional contracts. It is necessary to maintain washing machines on average 1-2 times a month, which allows the owner to save his time and energy.

Online monitoring makes it easier to monitor the operation of self-service laundries, and increases the efficiency of landromat accounting and maintenance. The use of contactless cards simplifies the calculation.

Advantages of  laundry “Postirayka!”:

  • Low cost reliable quality equipment.
  • The choice of model and configuration with the needs of the client.
  • Easy installation.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Does not require the purchase and loading of ingredients.
  • The minimum amount of time to service.
  • Online monitoring: all necessary information appears on the computer; no problems with the server.
  • Minimum personnel costs: up to 80 washing machines can be serviced by 1 technician.
  • Startup with 700 US dollars.
  • Payback of the equipment from 4 months.
  • Minimal advertising costs: our partner immediately receives a package of all necessary information and advertisements.
  • Few competitors in the location of the vending washing machine (comparing with coffee machines and payment systems).
  • Practically proven business organization mechanism will allow our Partners to build their own network faster.
  • Ability to connect additional modules: GPRS monitoring, contactless cards, detergent dispenser, card dispenser and more.


Calculation of economic indicators

In this section we present the main financial results of the project. Calculations taking into account the organization of the point of a self-service vending laundry with two washing machines.

Initial investment in 1 Laundromat complex for 2 washing machines:

The size of the initial investment is $ 2,275.00 (approximately $ 1,500 for equipment, from $ 800 to $ 1,000 for repairs and other organizational issues).

The cost of washing – $ 0.06. The average cost of washing is $ 1.

Fixed costs – $ 25.00 per month.

Payback after 242 days (8 months) provided 10 washes per day – 5 washes on one washing machine.

You can calculate the economy of your project in more detail by sending a request for an introductory package of documents to which you add an active economic model.

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