Wash outerwear with “Postirayka”

Before you wash your jacket, you must carefully examine the label on the wrong side. It indicates what the temperature of the water is optimal, and what mode of washing you want to choose.
In the washing machine, use a liquid detergent. Forget about bleach.
Choose a hand or delicate wash mode at a low temperature – no more than 40 degrees.
Turn off the spin.
Rinse must be repeated several times so that the detergent is removed from the insulation and the external material. To do this, add the function of additional rinsing on the machine, but reduce the temperature and remove the spin. This will not drastically affect the cost.

It is necessary to dry the outerwear in an upright position, hanging it on a special hanger. Ironing in this case is not required. If you do decide to stroke your jacket, set a delicate mode for synthetics on the iron. Compliance with these rules will help to preserve the color, shape and function of the outerwear.

Safety regulations:

Having decided to wash the product with artificial insulation in a washing machine, you need to follow some safety rules:
1. Such things should not be soaked before the main washing step.
2. Do not use water, warm 40 degrees, so that the insulation is not washed out of the fabric.
3. Do not dry the jacket on a rope or dryer so as not to deform it.
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